Viños de la tierra de Castilla



The Land
photo vines

The estate of Montanchuelos is in the Campo de Calatrava on the frontier between the Sierra Morena mountain range and the out-skirts of Toledo.

650 meters above sea level the climate of the region is classically continental; cold in the winter and hot in the summer months, with extreme temperature fluctuations between day and night and with 400 mm of annual rain fall.

The estate stretches along the flood plain of the river Jabalon, which is at the centre of the volcanic region of the Calatrava area. Recent volcanic activity is obvious in the landscape which is dotted with extinct volcanos and evidence of lava movement which has contributed to the particular composition of the soil.

To the south of the estate begin the mountains which give it their name: the lower slopes of the Sierra Morena mountain range. It is on these slopes that the majority of our vines are planted

These slopes date from prehistoric times  and are made up of quartz and slate. The lower flood plains of the river valley are formed of gravel and siliceous sand with a thick top layer of lime (Caliza).

Here grown 100 hectars of Cencibel and Tempranillo vines, typical of La Mancha and the varieties most suited to the soil.

We know that good wine starts with good vines, and to achieve them we use traditional cultivation methods and largely organic practices. Experience has taught us to respect the environment and the soil to achieve the best results in our wines.