Viños de la tierra de Castilla



Production Methods

photo vinesOnce it has been determined, in the laboratory and in the field, that the grapes have reached the perfect state of ripeness the harvest begins.

We pick by hand into baskets of 10 kg to avoid bruising or crushing of the grapes. The vines surround the buildings of the vineyards so the grapes arrive fresh and intact at the selection tables.

After the removal of the stalks the grapes pass a few days of cold fermentation; next they are moved to temperature controlled stainless steel deposits where the alcoholic (first) fermentation takes place.

Once this first stage is over, most of the wine is stored in French oak barrels, between 5 and 10% goes into American oak barrels

The wood fermentation in the barrel establishes some fundamental differences in our wines. Ábrego is matured in second and third generation barrels while Calar del Río Mundo always goes into new barrels.

The Winery has all the installations necessary to make a modern wine from first to last: fermentation salons, underground storage for barrels, laboratory, bottling room and tasting salon.