Viños de la tierra de Castilla




photo vinesBodegas Calar Winery is situated on the Montanchuelos estate, within the municipal boundaries of Granátula de Calatrava, on the banks of the River Jabalón, in the middle of the Campo de Calatrava.

The area has been inhabited since the dawn of civilisation, the important bronze age burial site "el Cerro de la Encantada", lies a few kilometres away to the north while the remains of Orietum the hispanic pre-roman village, capital of Oretani,a lies to the south.

Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims  have all chosen, successively, to settle in the region and they have all left their mark.

After the battle of Navas de Tolosa in 1212 the order of the Calatravan knights was established, It was then, in medieval times, that the system of Encomiendas was established. Encomiendas were estates farmed and run partly to supply and support orders of Christian knights. At this point our estate enters history for the first time. Documents survive showing it to be of the foremost encomiendas of the Calatravan order, providing them with olives, corn and vines.  These classic harvests of Mediterranean farming were the basis of the prosperity of the Montanchuelos estate and documents survive detailing the annual tithes of wine given to the Comendador, or head, of the order.

This noble version of feudalism lasted centuries. Such was the fame of the estate’s productivity that after the war of independence with Napoleon it was offered as a prize to General Palafox, the defender of Zaragoza for his services to the Nation.

In 2005 many things have changed in Montanchuelos but the olives, grapes and corn continue to offer up their valuable bounty. It was in this year that Bodegas Calar was built on the old estate in the midst of ancient vine growing lands where grapes have been maturing in a slow steady sequence of seasons for centuries, contributing to the essence of La Mancha .