Viños de la tierra de Castilla



Our Team

Juan José Moreno Alarcón. 1933- 2011

His life was like that of many of his generation: born in the small village of Riópar in Albacete, he had to leave his home as a young man to find work and make a future for himself. On one of his journeys he arrived in Almeria , then a small undeveloped Andalusian city with much still to be done. It was here he decided to make his home.

Through honest hard work and natural intelligence he came to be one of the most successful and respected businessmen in the region. However he never forgot La Mancha, honouring it traditions, in love with its landscape and with his roots firmly spread in its culture, the founding of Bodegas Calar was his particular homage to the land of his birth. Although he is no longer with us his philosophy " if a things is worth doing it is worth doing well" is ours as well, and we apply it to every task at the vineyard.