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Our soils

A great viticultural terroir with a unique characteristic

Our vineyards are nestled on the slopes of the Sierra Morena at 650 meters above sea level, with a continental climate and annual rainfall of 400 mm.

In this peculiar and characteristic environment, with those unique soils, hectares of vineyards grow, primarily of Tempranillo, along with some Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay.

The vineyard is situated on moderately basic soil, generally low in limestone, a sandy-loam matrix mixed with volcanic material. This peculiarity defines it as a great viticultural terroir. On one hand, the slight basicity naturally limits the nutrition and vigor of the plant. In a moderately basic soil, the plant undergoes certain stress, mainly nutritional in terms of mineral and trace element assimilation; however, as there is no significant concentration of active limestone in this volcanic soil, this stress is limited, and the plant is capable of feeding on the mineral richness of the soil itself, producing a concentrated grape, with a heavy fruit load in aromas, balanced in acidity, and with a unique and original mineral character. The estate spreads across the Jabalón river valley, right in the volcanic zone of the Campo de Calatrava.

Recent volcanism is reflected in the landscape in the form of extinct volcanoes, lava flows, hot springs, or maar, and has decisively contributed to the uniqueness of our soils.

“At the Montanchuelos estate, the volcanism of the region is very present due to an abundant and widespread appearance of pyroclasts, which have now become part of the soil, mixing with the local substrate. They are especially evident in the contact strip with the quartzites of the southern serrata, where they appear as rocks and gravels intimately integrated as a result of human activity. The omnipresence of volcanic material, a product of explosive eruptions, is a common characteristic in all these soils.”

“Their presence, mainly as gravel and sand with incomplete degradation, results in soils that are highly aerated and mineralized.”

An extremely rare soil with unique characteristics found in only three small regions of the Iberian Peninsula: the Campo de Calatrava, Olot, and Cabo de Gata.